Javascript algorithms and data structures_Nishil

One of the skills I had and enjoyed using was thinking logically, there is always a sense of euphoria after solving a great question of maths or physics logically, so coding was naturally a great skill for me to learn, to be able to compute and solving coding problems effectively. Javascript being a widely accepted language with a mature community it was a smart choice for the future and present as well.

Learning Objective 3: Planning the CAS experience was important because of the vast field of programming, so it was necessary for me to plan and organise the small checkpoints and goals I need to accomplish and avoid getting overwhelmed by the tasks. In order to maintain the skill, I kept a spreadsheet where I recorded every detail of the task and its criteria and it was a great tool for tracking the progress and for a recap if I forget the concepts.

Learning Objective 4: During this CAS experience in order to test my progress, I participated in my self and my group in TCS IT quiz in Mumbai to test my knowledge of IT. I lost in the first round itself however it was a great learning opportunity for me. Even after the loss, i was motivated to keep working, due to the fact i was enrolled in BTEC (Business and Technology Education council) programme, i showed commitment to complete the given tasks with quality which not only benefited academically but I gained several knowledge I dint had before which included the importance of hardware on the software while coding. Even at times when facing several dead-ends while solving a coding problem, I kept working on and tested by patience.

Learning Objective 6: Technology plays an important role in our global issues especially at the time of a global pandemic, technology has become an essential part of our lives and in order to help people with the need of financial and basic necessities, my mom was involved in a part of a non-profit organisation to provide masks and I helped her to create a website to find more distributors of the masks and other sanitary equipment. The website I created was with the help of several javascript online courses and learning modules from the BTEC programme.

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