Going to school is a privilege and not everyone is able to attend. My maids’ son is a slow learner and weak in studies.

I decided to give him(raj) as much support as I can while my free time. He is currently in 4 grade, which will be easier for me to help him. I helped him every time he asked me to do so and gave him some of my old textbooks for his reference.

I am pretty sure of all the help he wanted has been provided by me. Grade 4 education is simple and easy. My strength was having a younger brother who studies 5 currently, which made the resources free and available.


The challenge I faced was not able to give him time regularly. I helped him out twice a week. The skill I discovered was my teaching skills, it helped him out so much that his teacher called raj’s parents about his progress performance.


I showed commitment towards this service I provided to Raj. I was empathetic towards what Raj was facing and not able to afford tuition fees.
The happiness on the maid is what kept me going.

I helped my maids children, so should you if you have free time. This might feel a bit boring but this act can bring a million happiness to their family.

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