Recently in the period of lockdown, I learnt a new framework Flutter. This is an app making tool, that I recently came across. I took a Udemy course on this and learnt about how to make an app using Flutter. I made a lot of projects and learnt various types of functions, use of packages and the different concepts that are used while making an app in any language, such as I came across that a lot of languages cannot compile the code used for an IOS app and an Android app and learnt numerous new concepts based on coding. The main idea of me taking this course was to learn a new language and productively use the time that I have during this period of lockdown.

LO 2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

  • When I started with the course, I was new to it, I hadn’t even heard about the framework before, and there times when the tutor use to use terminology and functions and that I did not even know I used struggle understanding those terms and functions, but after that phase, it has been a great learning experience for me. This course was a 230 lecture long and sometimes I used to feel tired and wanted to quit due to its length, but I was determined and completed the course that I took up, this was also an issue that I faced during the process but did cope up with it.

LO 3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

  • When I started learning the course I made a ToDo list that helped me keep up with the planned schedule of the course, because it was a 230 lecture course I really had to plan the day because, if I watched too much of the screen, I would have hurt my eyes. I decided to watch 10-15 lectures every day, and then do something that would be good for my eyes, moreover, I did not want to miss on my studies, while so I decided on to equally give time to studies and Flutter course. I thought my plan worked out really well, I learnt Flutter and wasn’t too harsh on my eyes as well as did not compromise the studies because of a course.

LO 7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

  • The course that I took was on udemy.com and the get along list of videos were for free, I am really into coding so after seeing that video I was really very interested and wanted to learn more, but to learn a more I had to pay for the course. However, I faced came across a confusion which was related to ethics, I wanted the course so bad that I could have searched for a pirated or a recorded version on youtube or any other website, but I practised academic honesty and bought the paid version to learn about a new course.

I really enjoyed the course. It was a great learning experience for me and I really started to code more rigorously and got a lot more interested in coding after learning this framework. The learner profiles that I practised in this experience, was thinker and inquirer.

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