Community Service

Our school organized community service sessions wherein students from NGO are invited to attend these sessions to learn some new activities. These also give them opportunities to improve their skills. We as FS students help the NGO students to learn different activities like art and craft, dance, football, basketball, frisbee, cooking. Among the above activities, I opted for cooking. cooking is personally something I enjoy doing myself .So I felt, opting for this would be interesting and a good learning experience for myself . It was a unique opportunity.

LO3: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences. 

While many of my friends cribbed about coming to school on a weekend and finding excuses to miss community service, I made sure I was present in each session as I was committed to learn and explore more things. There were times I wanted to make other plans and bunk the sessions but I pushed myself and did what was best for me. I don’t regret it, I think this experience provided a lot of learning to me while interacting with those kids. 

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

By working together as a team to learn from each other. we also develop skills by getting inspired by each other .working together help us develop team spirit .we also learn how to work unitedly as per the circumstances

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance. 

As the children come from an unprivileged background it is quite obvious that their parents are working and cannot keep a check on their kids all the time so lack of guidance seemed to be an issue here. When we teach them cooking first of all it adds up a lot to their skills and secondly if they know to prepare basic dishes it makes them certainly independent and being kids also they don’t have to depend on someone.

LO 7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and action.

we had to be ethical and keep our choices of action in mind. This includes that we don’t shout or scold kids while teaching them cooking and behave well with them even if they tend to do ant kind of mistake, and also we do not do any discrimination amongst them and treat them with kindness

Community service taught us that helping others is a very good way of giving back to society. In helping others, we help ourselves, as we realize our weaknesses. It also taught me to be more caring, to be a better communicator, and more open-minded.

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