Recording audiobooks

To complete my CAS project, i had teamed up with a few of my classmates to work on YOUR ideas YOUR initiatives which was a competition to create best ways to raise awareness of the road safeties in out local community. However, this project got very difficult to do during the COVID-19 pandemic and so we changed the topic and only my friend and i worked on the new project.

Our new project had to be done keeping in mind the our safety and also the regulations put by the government due to the pandemic. So what we did was that we created our own audiobooks that consisted of original stories inspired by ‘ The Aesop’s fables’. This was part of the creativity strand and in order to fulfill another strand, we sent these books to a blind school, which was a service. At first i wasn’t sure if this would work out but after i felt very proud that i could do something for people in need even during this situation.

The learning outcomes we achieved during this project were: LO2, LO3, LO5, LO6 and LO7.

LO2: The most challenging part about this project was that we couldn’t really do anything physically, due to the pandemic we couldn’t really work together on it or go to different schools or anything that sort. Also all schools were closed and not many had availability to any technology so only one school was possible.We had to work online, we booked meetings and worked online among ourselves and sent mails to many blind schools out of which one replied back. Since this pandemic was new for everyone and no one has experienced this sort of thing before, it was challenging as it is something very different. However, we have been doing almost everything online these days so it did become usual.

LO3: As i have written many times that i am not a very organized person. I tend to be very messy sometimes and it does get a bit frustrating not only for me but also for the people around me. However, since i was working with someone else i tried my best to be a more organized person so that my partner doesn’t have any issues regarding me being unorganized. We planned meets and decided what we would do and how we would go about with the project. I think initiating was a bit tough since we weren’t sure what we were doing and if we were doing everything correctly but once we began, i think we did a great job. I did learn that if i push myself and keep myself motivated initiating anything becomes easier and i will use this technique in the future. Its important to begin because without that you won’t go further.

LO5: Working with others has its own advantages, especially when you are working with someone who thinks the way you do because it creates a bond and makes working way more easier. My partner and i, we have worked together many times so we did know that we can be lazy at times but i think we motivated each other to start working. According to me, working collaboratively will only work if everyone works as a team and in this case, my partner and i we both did the equal amount of work. Our ideas did conflict each other at times but we came up with a single solution with which we both were satisfied with. I think the best part of working together was that we motivated each other and also understood each other very well.

LO6: There are many problems the world is facing, i feel thankful for what i have in terms of everything such as family, education, perfect health (touchwood) and so many other things. Although there are so many people that dont have everything, through this project we sent audiobooks to a blind school. I can never imagine not being able to see what i see today, its heartbreaking that there are people who cant see the world they live in, who cant see the people they live with. However, i feel a bit more better that there are so many institutions that help these people, that help them to live a normal life even though their normal life is completely different to our normal life. We sent the audiobooks to blind children, which for me is something very big as i got the opportunity to do something that not everyone gets a chance to.

LO7: While creating stories of our own, we had to keep in mind the ethical issues. We were creating our own stories but they were inspired from another source ‘The Aesop’s Fables’ so we had to acknowledge the fact that even though they may be our original stories, we did use another source as a guide. To cater to this we had mentioned at the end of each story, the story from ‘ The Aesop’s Fables’ that we used as a base to make our stories.

All in all, i think this project did teach me how to organize myself but also made me feel grateful and gave me an opportunity to do something not everyone gets a chance to. Even though the pandemic did create a few challenges, we overcame them together and enjoyed the whole process.


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