Colours Of Hope (CAS Project)


Colours Of Hope was an online based art project where participants had to pay a 100 entry fee and they got to submit any kind of painting, sketch etc. The participants had to fill the entry form and provide us with their contact details. We all decided to keep the price money for the TOP 5 artworks. Ist-500/- 2nd-300/- 3rd-250/- 4th-200/- 5th- 150/-.

L1(Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth)- So in the project my role was to manage the main database and communicate with all the participants, I also had created the form which was sent to all the participants. My major strength is towards the technical aspects of the project. The main problem that I faced was that the participants did not send their artwork and screenshot of the payment, which made it difficult for me to find out who had paid the entry fee. Other than that people did not send their artwork on time so I had to constantly mail them to do it. As we were in the pandemic situation I really missed the one on one conversation and planning with my group mates. But I realised that all of us were able to communicate smoothly and conduct the event in a proper manner.

L2( Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills) The major challenges which I faced in my task was to communicate with the participants as many of them did not respond to my mail soon which actually led to a delay in announcing the final results. But I did not give up. I kept on sending mails. Communication with group mates was hard as we had to find a proper time where everyone was free and had time. But in the end we managed to have constant communication on social media platforms, meet and phone calls. Other than that managing the main database of all the artworks was very time consuming but I was able to deliver it to the social media team so they can post it on social media. Finding participants was a bit hard in the beginning but we were able to get a lot of them by the end so overall the event was good.

L3( Initiate and plan a CAS experience) Me and my team members a bit late to conduct the CAS project. But we cooperate with each other even in the pandemic situation. We were able to quickly decide and plan the whole project and I made the form and a proper database quickly.

L4( Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience) Many times throughout the period I could not focus on the project due to various submissions. But I was able to regain focus and give the project some time everyday to check mails, any other participant who filled the form and deliver important announcements to the participants.

L5( Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively) As everything was online it was a bit difficult to have proper communication with my group members. In the beginning we planned the whole event after that we assigned tasks to every member. My task was to manage the participant database which consisted of their contact details and whether they have done the payment or not. I also created the form which was sent to the participants and I managed the artwork database where I pasted each and every artwork and the artist detail.

L6( Engagement with issues of global significance) We decided to donate all our earnings to an old age home so that they can buy proper equipment such as masks, sanitizer and etc to fight COVID-19.

L7(Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions) We had to deal with the process of exchanging money so we all decided to give that task to one group member, we did everything in a perfect manner so we don’t break any rules. As we are working in a group then there is a fair chance that someone by mistake does something wrong which may have an impact on the project. We gave away all our earnings to an old age home. This was a group decision and we did not take a penny from the earnings. 

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