Table Tennis

I started a new sport- table tennis, for my PS classes. This CAS experience helped me develop LO1 and LO2.

LO1 and LO2:

In the beginning, my coach had me perform drills that involved bouncing the ball on the racket for a long time. I also play table tennis with an automatic robot. This was tricky at first but I realized that my greatest strength was my co-ordination. I was easily able to react to the ball coming towards me and angle my racket in the correct way to shoot it perfectly. My coach said that this was a good skill to have. However, I realized that my greatest weakness was my balance. While tossing the ball, I realized it was really hard for me to balance the ball on my racket. Balance is an important skill to have in any form of sport and so, I continue to work on it by performing drills. I can already see a difference.

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