Fitness had always been a big part of my life. I used to play multiple sports while growing up and hence getting myself out of home and playing was one of my favourite activities. As I progressed into higher standards, academics became burdensome and so I had to quit some sports that I played. However, I still found out ways to give priority to being fit over other pleasures. I continued to workout in the gym in the morning and then attend school to ensure that I get my doze of physical activity for the day. Not just to remain fit, I loved when I was challenged to do something and that sweat after a great workout just appealed the most to me.

LO1: I was a state-level athlete and hence my agility and stamina were satisfactory. However, while playing sports I realised that I needed more strength and conditioning which is why I decided to join gym which will help me recover from the injuries that I faced while playing sports. Hence, going to gym helped me in building muscle and becoming stronger.

LO2: I faced a lot of time constraints as I barely had the time and energy to come home from school and then go to gym because of the academic workload and other family committments. Hence, the biggest challenge was finding out the time to hit the gym. So I decided to go in the morning which was initially very difficult to wake up at 6 am and hit the gym and then attend school. However, it was a challenge that I was willing to take to ensure that I am fit and hence I did it for a long period of time and noticed that I had built more muscle than I had previously and I was also feeling fresh because of waking up early in the morning.

LO4: I was initially a bit hesitant to go to gym early in the morning as I used to feel sleepy in school later on. But taking into account the need for a healthy and fit lifestyle, I decided to not quit and continue what I was doing with the assurance that it will reap greater benefits in the future. Despite facing difficulties, I was keen on following this habit to make sure I achieve my goals.

LO6: Going alone was often boring and lonely as I had no company and thus it reduced my motivational level. Hence, I decided to take my father along with me so that I will get company and ensure that he gets his daily dose of fitness as well. He spends most of his day in the office and hence doesn’t get the time to workout, so going to the gym was a good way of getting him out of his circle.

LO7: Looking at the current scenario and the increasing levels of obesity, I see it best that people acknowledge the fact that fitness plays a pivotal role in everyone’s well-being. Being a fitness freak, I know that my actions will have a greater impact on me an my family in the future. Even though I may feel lazy at school sometimes, staying healthy will never go out of style.

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