Frisbee Practices

I have been playing Ultimate Frisbee for the past 5 years and it has been a big part of my life since then. I have become more fit than I previously was and it has also taught me the true meaning of fair play. Before starting frisbee, I never really understood what fair play truly meant and why it was so important to have a sportsman spirit. Ultimate frisbee has changed my life in many ways because it has not only given me new friends but it has also given me the joy of playing for the nation at the highest level. That feeling of pride is something I will always cherish. This journey has not been easy, I have to attend weekly practices so that I develop my skills and stay fit. These skills can only be perfect with lots and lots of practice; which is exactly what I did for the past 3 years. I managed to attend almost every practice session, every week, and even after battling several injuries, I made sure that I commit myself fully to this sport.

LO1: I have developed various roles such as handling, defending throughout these 3 years. I am a good cutter but handling was always difficult for me. In the practices that I attended, I tried those roles that scared me and after so much effort, I can play any role that my team wants me to play. However, it was not easy at the start. I was always scared about making mistakes but with practice, I was able to do justice to those roles.

LO2: My team needed female handlers for a very long time. All the females refused to play that role because it was a challenging one and making a single mistake could result in the loss of the team. I took up the challenge of learning handling for the benefit of the team. In those practices, I never realized how I mastered the role of handling.

LO4: I was committed to attend every practice to ensure that I achieve my goals. It brings a sense of satisfaction and helps me become a better player. Through perseverance and commitment, I can stay fit and become a better player.

LO5: It is very important to have good chemistry in a team sport. As a team, we did various activities to ensure that we have a good bond among us. We meet for birthdays, celebrate occasions together. We have grown stronger and the bond has only strengthened through these years. We know each other on and off-field; both equally well.

LO7: A few years back, Jumbish was one of the youngest teams of Surat. A lot of FS students were intrigued by the way Jumbish played and aspired to play like us someday. Through our game-style and our commitment, we have influenced many students to take up the frisbee and practice it. We could be useful to spread the sport across our friends and it has increased the number of players drastically.

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