Learning taekwondo and participating in competitions

Taekwondo is my passion and I have been playing it for 9 years. I play taekwondo because I have an interest in it and I have also developed a lot of skills since I am playing it for a long time a strong interest is developed. We were 7 players who were going to participate in international taekwondo championship which was a grade one competition and was going to be held in Paris on 12 November. We started our training one month before and we also trained ourselves according to the Paris time so our body could adapt and we don’t get jet lack. In training sessions, I got injured and I had back pain so I had to go to physio for recovery. I was not able to win a medal. I lost the first fight and the reason behind was my competitor was very good and he managed to play better than me. Whereas I got to know my weakness and when I was back in India I worked on my weakness and it helped me in many ways.


As I play competitions, I get to know the strengths and weaknesses of my own. I try to improve them in my daily training.

I worked on my weakness for a better result in the next competition. I get the help of my coach for improvement of my weakness 


The main reason for the loss was that I was not knowing how to play against a person who is much taller and this is what made my opponent stronger. Also had not played with someone who was much taller than me. I was not able to overcome my challenges and for this, I will practice with people who are taller than me and will improve on the things in which I was lacking. It is important to take new challenges to learn new things. When we take new challenges we learn new things and this helps us to grow so taking new challenges is very important for learning new things.


When i used to go to competitions i missed many things in school that I had to cover up later which was very hard for me. so I took extra support classes in oder to cover the syllabus before hand which helped me to organise my self . I am not an organised person, I have a bad habit of doing things at the end moment but i trying to improve myself.


I love working with others and I am comfortable doing group tasks. We went there as a team and every player helped the other player on their match days and told their weaknesses so they could improve. This motivated me and helped me a lot 

LO 6 

Many people around the globe are not fit and fitness is very important in building up personality as well as in being successful. By knowing this issue I always keep my body fit.  


I was took care of the ethics and followed the rules of taekwondo. I always wore taekwondo guards to prevent injuries and followed the rules of taekwondo.

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