Mount Abu

This year we had our educational trip to Mount Abu which was a fun and adventure trip. There were many new things which I had an experience which I had never gone through before.

LO 1:- This was not my first trekking hence the strength which I had was the experience of trekking like it requires good endurance and willpower to complete the task. The weakness which I had face was my allergies. I am allergic to grass and dust hence there were instances where my eyes used to get red while trekking on the mountain due to the dust.

LO 2:- The challenges which I had faced during the trip was the fear of height which wad acrophobia, there were places life “Golden haunch Chimney” which had a small pathway to reach its top hence it was difficult for me to go through but only because the help and support of our instructors I was able to climb the mountain. Mover over the skills which I had developed was management skills as we were living in tents we had to manage our bed’s clothes and other things as well hence I improve my management skills as well.

LO 4:- As being part of this trip there were many many activities which we had done such as rocking climbing, valley crossing, caving, gillie Danda, save the earth and many more hence I was committed to doing every activity with all interest

LO 5:- There were many team building games which improved our friendship and connection with them. Furthermore, we also helped each other during the trekking so we definitely have improved our team-building skills.

LO 6 & 7:- As considering the increment in the environmental issues in these past decades we learned the importance of the environment in our life. We in the trip never disturbed or ruin the beauty of nature by throwing garbage or disturbing the ecosystem by hurting any animal

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