¨The best view comes after the greatest climb!¨

Every academic year our school plans an educational trip to a beautiful destination. This year we went to a hill station, Mount Abu for 5 days. Our main aim of visiting this place was to get out of our comfortness and develop our physical health. During these 5 days we did trekking, rappelling, valley crossing, caving, rock climbing, played games, and more importantly we learnt to live in a non-luxurious place. We stayed in tents, used underdeveloped facilities, and consumed very basic food items. Moreover, all of us also learned teamwork and adjustment. 

LO 2= One of the biggest challenges I faced was to get out of my comfort zone and utilize facilities that were available. The washrooms were very unhygienic, dirty and underdeveloped. Similarly, another challenge I faced was not being able to eat food that I prefer. The food provided was really basic and desi, on top of that I follow Jain religion henceforth the options of dishes were quite restricted. All of these were challenging because we are so habitual of our luxurious and city life that we aren’t really comfortable in living such a life that does not adhere to our desires. To completely overcome this challenge seemed impossible however, within 2 days I understood that life isn’t certain and we should be trained to face situations that aren´t favoured by us hence, I tried my best to settle down in the atmosphere of that place and enjoy with what was provided. 

LO 4= Having the inability to adapt to changes was one of the major reasons that made perseverance and commitment difficult. At the beginning I regretted coming to the trip and felt angry for not receiving appropriate facilities and having to use what is provided. We were required to commit to perform all the activities that we were instructed. Trekking everyday required a lot of strength and stamina. All of us used to get very tired each day after trekking. Moreover, we were also required to wake up early which made us feel more weak and tired. Despite being exhausted and drained everyday all of us did trekking everyday because the view from the final destination was really worth the hard work. I also understood that in order to fulfill my expectations, I need to work hard, make commitment and perseverance. 

LO7=The ethical issues that were involved and considered during trekking were littering and pollution. We trekked for a long time and to a greater height hence, we carried some dry snacks and energy drink/water with us during trekking to keep ourselves hydrated and boosted. Whenever we took breaks, we made sure to put all the waste back into our bags and not to litter in order to maintain the democracy of that place and be honest to it. These issues affected us by making us realise the importance of maintaining the atmosphere of the place as it is. It taught us to respect the guidelines and beauty of the place. I felt really happy and proud of myself by contributing to the act of maintaining cleanliness and a pollution free place. 

In conclusion, the trip was an amazing opportunity for me to try things that are out of my comfort zone. It taught me a lot of skills and learning that are necessary for our lives. It made me courageous, risk taker, knowledgeable and caring. And lastly, of course trips with school friends are always a lovely and enjoyable experience and memory!

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