Frisbee tournament

Frisbee is a team sport and played with flying discs. The object of this game is to score a point by passing the discs to a player in the opposite end zone. The player should not run with the discs in hand and must keep pivot while having the disc in the hand. There was a national championship series held in India. I covered LO1, LO2, LO4, and LO5


During this tournament, I found my strength and weakness in me. So as I have lot of stamina and am physically fit, that has helped me and my team member to win the match in the tournament. However, waking up early around 5 am and catching up on the bus on time during the weekend.  Also running in the sun was so exhaust and made us irritated during matches. I have played a frisbee tournament before and have won many tournaments.

LO4, LO5

We need commitment in matches in which we are trailing behind in points and we need to boost each and every player of the team to win the match. For this, we need to work collectively to win the match and make it easy to score points in the matches.

This frisbee tournament has helped me identify my strength and weaknesses. I also developed my Character through this process and learned many things about myself and what my capabilities are.

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