farewell decoration

Strands: Creativity

As I am interested in decoration and creativity, I have chosen to decorate farewell 2020. I always love to design and paint anything I get across. I help my team members with decorating the stage and the hall. I have covered LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5, LO6, LO7.

LO1, LO2

As my strength was creative ideas, which help my team leader to select easily with the theme and all. This helped my team, and did all the work very fast and made farewell more successful and did all the work on time. The challenge part was to wake up early and catch the bus for school and communication was lagging with other team members and leaders. I have participated in the decoration team before  as it satisfied me.

LO3, LO4, LO5 

I have managed myself very well with decorating and completing the given task by the team leader on time. Also, helping my team leader with ideas and giving more options of creativity which has helped our decoration team. We were planning all  the decoration things a day before and executing it the next day. I was punctual, doing all my tasks on time and this required a commitment toward the work I do. Working collaboratively has helped us to do work fast and do things on time. This has improved my communication skills with others and has improved my friendship and understanding  others properly.


We have recycled the waste materials which were in the school to decorate the Y-box for farewell. This has helped us to reduce our decoration cost and saved money for other things.

We have changed our theme and decoration pattern different from past years farewell which has helped us to be more creative and help our team leaders with different ideas of theme and decoration.

I feel more independent and thinker while doing farewell decoration and it was fun to do .

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