Food distribution

I participated in a food distribution event conducted by a religious social organization my mother volunteers in. This event was conducted in a relatively poor area in my city where a lot of people were gathered. I volunteered to serve food along with several other volunteers and could notice a wide smile forming in their faces as I served them the food. This experience made me realize how lucky I am to get nutritious food anytime I want whereas these people feel lucky just to get a single meal. There seemed to be more than 500 people present in that location to get food and this was an opportunity to do a good deed. In this experience I demonstrated :

LO5 : Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

This event was conducted with a large team of volunteers working together so that the food distribution is quick and convenient for the receivers. There was a constant restocking and refilling of the vessels which stored the food to be redistributed and all these processes must be completed with speed so that there are lesser waiting times for the receivers.

LO6 : Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

Hunger being one of the rising global issues in this world, volunteering in this food distribution event was just a small part in taking an action against this issue. This experience also broadened my perspective as to how poverty is less significant in a developing city such as mine, however, watching this scenario encouraged me to participate in more events such as these in the future to do my best to solve such issues, at least at a local level.

LO 7 : Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

This event was conducted at one part of the city where the number of poor people might be higher, however, this might be unfair for other poor people living in various areas. This was only a one-time meal and we might not have brought a big change in the lives of these people, however this is just a small act towards a better future and this act.

Overall, this experience really helped me understand this global issue better. I demonstrated the learner profile attributes : caring and open-minded as I offered my support for the poor and was open-minded to accept all the suggestions from the other volunteers to maximize my support and impact in the event.

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