Volunteering at the HeHa story

HeHa story is a flea festival that is very famous amongst Surat. It was organized in February which I volunteered in. We started marketing the flea festival from December till February. I was a volunteer there. We made many hampers for people and I also volunteered when the actual event took place. I also got to do the ground work.

LO2: Due to the 2 months time left, we had to work everyday in the office for hours which was interfering with my other extracurriculars. I managed to to do my extracurricular activities as well as the office work by doing some of the work at home and not the office. This way I learned how to manage my time and divide amy activities accordingly.

LO4: I had to reach the office directly after coming from school and then attend my extracurricular activities and then do some extra work at home again, which was very exhausting for me but I had to commit to it and show some perseverance. In the end, it was all worth it.

LO5: There were some times that I wasn’t available so my teammates covered for me and vice or versa. As we had a big team, covering for someone’s absence wasn’t tough and there was a lot of cooperation. Teamwork was required to show consistency in our work and avoid any mistakes or issues.

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