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I have been heavily involved in research in the fields of international relations and political science, be it through my extensive Model UN experience or through authoring research papers which I had presented at national and international research conferences.


I understood at this point of the skills I developed in research and in academic writing which I could utilize for creating a blog. At the same time, I also was very clear of my limited experience with website building so I had wanted to take something new up.


I set out creating my own website, an activity which was very unfamiliar to me. Through my journey of developing a website, I faced countless struggles such as the website not being updated in real time or articles and data suddenly vanishing. To improve the condition of my website, I watched youtube videos and came up with ways to optimize my website. My optimization however was not only limited to the website as I had also started doing SEO optimization which would enable my website to show up on more searches and gain visibility.


Throughout my blogging journey I faced significant hurdles some of which are common for every content creator: The Writer’s Block. By that, I mean to say that sometimes I was completely out of content and could not decide on what I should write. I overcame obstacles by starting to read multiple news outlets and other publications so I could be very well informed of the pressing issues worldwide. Through this, I could write on issues of global significance such as Human rights and state sovereignty.


Through my blog, I have learnt many things even if it has not gone viral. One of these things which I felt was important is the ability to not lose heart when things don’t work out. I was new to website creation, I was new to blogging and I was new to Marketing. Having belief in myself worked out and I could persevere the initial phases where my struggles would define my course of action.


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Learning Outcomes

L1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth, L2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills, L3- initiate and plan a CAS experience, L4-commitment to and perseverance, L5-. L6-engagement with issues of global significant


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