Fifa Tournament – CAS Project

Me and my friends hosted a PS4 Fifa tournament on 12th Jan 2020. It was held in one of friends building in which all age participants competed against each other in the Online football Game named “Fifa” on the Playstation 4 console and the money raised by this event were donated to a the victims and families in Beirut, Lebanon who were affected by the recent devastating firework factory blast.

Nowadays, Gaming as a career has been introduced in our society which has attracted a large young audience towards it in a small time. There is a range of games that are played by people and streamed online to earn money. But, with this rise is gaming career, children’s addictions have increased which has resulted negatively upon their studies, and therefore the future of youth is in danger. If a person’s physical and mental health is affected by gaming, then the addiction is toxic and therefore not good according to me. Whereas if a person can balance his/her life with having gaming as their career and living a normal life, there shouldn’t be any restrictions for him/her.

Nevertheless, Our aim of conducting this Tournament was to raise funds for some nodal cause which helps people and victims. The recent Firework factory blast incident in Lebanon on 4th August 2020 which was considered to be one of the most destructive incidents that had an impact equal to of about 4.5 level earthquakes. Through this project, we raised a profit of 2000 rupee and therefor a generous transaction was done and donated was made for this cause.

This Project involved Creativity and Service as the CAS component in which Learning Outcomes I demonstrated were LO-1, LO-2, LO – 3, LO – 4, LO- 6.

LO-1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

From the start, I was aware of my strengths and weaknesses that would help me or limit while conducting this project. Starting with Strengths, working in a group isn’t an issue for me. I accept everyone’s ideas in the group and respect them and work collectively. Further, everyone in the group knew each other so working together wasn’t tough. Continuing with strengths, I am good at doing at management. for this project, we had to arrange projectors, chairs, food, and a hall to host this event. Whereas, weaknesses while conducting this project was that I was good at social advertising. So, to tackle that issue we had divided our works accordingly to host a perfect event. Knowing my strengths and weaknesses gives me a better understanding of myself and how I function. Understanding my strengths keeps me ahead in a lot of things and therefore do work nicely. Whereas knowing my weaknesses gives me a clearer understanding of things that may be holding me back, and I can then work around ways to solve that problem. While working for this project, I learned many things about social advertising which help me overcome my weakness.

LO-2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

the challenges that we faced while preparing for this project was finding players to participate in the competition. We before assumed that task to be easy whereas after we started organizing we got to know that most of our out school friends had their final board exams. But ultimately we had enough participants to have a good event hosted. I have never hosted an event by myself but have been a part of organizing community in many of them. So, I had an idea about how the events should be organised.

LO-3: Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience

When we as a group enrolled ourselves in this project, initially we started with meeting after the school hour at someone’s house once a week to properly discuss the project and find a solution for the issues we were facing. I consider myself an organized person and I usually don’t like it when something doesn’t go according to the plan so keeping that in might we as a group tried to finalize everything such as the projector renter, the place to conduct the project, and the food as soon as possible. While planning, one of the difficulties that we faced was finding someone renting our 3 projectors under our budget. According to me, it is important to know how to plan and initiate your project because it gives u an incite about how your project is going to be organized. Further, it also makes the process very simple which therefore results in a smooth project to be organized with less difficulty. And according to me, we have this kind of understanding at the very initial stage of the project.

LO-4: Show commitment and determination

According to me, there were 2 major difficulties that were troubling us and therefore required perseverance or commitment. Those were, first finalizing a cheap trusted supplier for projectors. As the project started, we were having trouble finding projectors for rent but we as a team were committed towards our goal and finally found one. The other issue was of finalizing the date for the project and therefore the participant. As there were CBSC exams coming up, it was hard for us to arrange enough participants intially, but then we solved that problem also afterward. For me, getting committed and persisted to something depends on the activity I am going to undertake or perform. Considering for this porject, I am inclined towards video games and FIFA is one of my favourite virual games so organsing a compitition for this game wiht my friends wasnt difficult for me and therefore from starting i was committed towards this porject.

LO-6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance

As told before, the main reason and therefore the issue for which this project was conducted was the Firework factory blast incident in Lebanon on 4th August 2020. This incident was considered to be one of the most destructive incidents that had an impact equal to of about 4.5 level earthquakes. This incident killed at least 27 people and injuring 2,500 and sent shockwaves across the city which was very destructive. When this incident took place, it was soon the headlines of every news and hot topic on the social media through which I got to know about this. After knowing about this issue, I further started to read about this incident and got to know that many people had lost their lives, homes and everything and therefore we as a group decide to help them by a giving small generous donations to the their government/ legal organisation. Knowing about this global issue helps me be updated about the global condition. Further, this global issues results in enhancing my knowledge about the things going around the world and therefore conclude how much do they affect me personally. It also results in my emotions to grow. As, after this incident I was feeling very petty for them and wanted to help them and thereby did this project. This CAS experiences made me feel that this issue was a very important and serious matter globally which needed to be addressed as soon as possible as people their needed help.

Proof for the donation.

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