Mount Abu Education Trip

I went on an educational trip to Mount Abu, Rajahastan organised by our school. On the trip we stayed in tents and took part in several outdoors activities, including rock climbing, rappelling, trekking and caving. This trip helped make many fun memories with my friends and exciting experiences that I would not otherwise try. The learning outcomes achieved are LO2 and LO6.

LO2: I am not a sports person and I do not like doing much physical activities, hence this trip was a challenge for me, as we had to go on long treks and do so many activities. I have gone on many trekking trips from school, however this one had a lot more treks which were also a bit longer. Sometimes I found it hard to keep up and very tired, but I still enjoyed it because I like nature and I could also spend time with my friends.

LO6: The issue covered here was good health and well being. Doing physical activities and eating healthy are important for our bodies. It is important nowadays because many people are spending a lot of time sitting down everyday, such as in school or at desk jobs, and consuming more high carb foods, so it might lead to cardiovascular diseases or other diseases, I felt more motivated to follow a more healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, now I feel like I like hiking because it is good for physical health and also has something I enjoy, that is nature. The highlight of this experience was getting to see all the beautiful views from such great heights, especially from the Golden Chimney trek, as there was a valley surrounding it from 3 sides. I enjoyed the trip very much and was proud of myself for trying all activities.

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