Learning a new language is not easy. But facing new challenges is my thing. After this lockdown, I thought of doing something different and new, basically something which is out of my comfort zone. I planned to learn “SPANISH”, which in spanish is called,”ESPANOL”. I did this course on “”, this is a site/app where we can learn many new languages. The spanish course was amazing, they have a very different teaching style, it made easy for me to remember the words. At first they made me play a quiz to know how much knowledge I have about spanish. For eg. the word gracias is very common almost everybody knows it means thank you.


During completing this course I got to know my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths were that I was able to remember the pronounciations easily. My weakness was my spellings, because of which I sometimes even got confused between the words. To remember their spellings and also the meanings I had to daily or maybe thrice a week revise what I learnt before.I was happy that I knew my mistakes and could work upon it.


As said before spellings were a challenge for me, but this even helped me develop my writing skills. I don’t like to write a lot, but I got to know that to learn something perfectly I need to develop my writing skills too. I made good notes for the words and wrote their meanings, used them in sentences which helped me overcome this challenge.


To complete this course I had to do it for at least 20 minutes everyday. I even had other things to complete and honestly taking out 20 minutes for spanish for a bit difficult. I had to make a good time table where I could manage all of it. I had be well organised with it, otherwise doing it just for sake would be of no sense. Doing with all planning made me complete this course with fun and with no pressure.


The course was lengthy it took me lot of time to complete it. I usually get bored if something is to lengthy but I was committed, I had to complete it. I made a commitment of daily using my 15-20 minutes for this spanish course. It was not easy for me because of other studies but this taught me how to be committed and even developed my time management skills. Commitment was also important so that I could get a good outcome of it and I feel that I actually learnt something new.


It was a good experience with duolingo. I had never tried something like this. I learnt a whole new language from scratch and I liked it. There were a lot of outcomes after I did this:

I got to know why commitment is important. I developed my time management skills. I got to know how to be patient to learn something new. Further, I would work upon my weaknesses more and do something else like this in future too.

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