Table Tennis- Activity

Table tennis is a sport i have never imagined myself to play. I was always a fan of badminton, it was my only favourite sport and also probably the one in which i was best at but, after choosing Table tennis as my PS activity for grade 11, i have realised that it is a sport that i am very fond of and now i enjoy playing it as well as learning it as much i loved playing badminton. I find table tennis a sport which requires much more practice and also concentration to be good at than other sports i have played. I have achieved many skills during this activity and the learning outcomes that i have achieved are LO1, LO2, LO4 and LO5.

LO1: I had never play table tennis as a sport, i have only played it twice and that too just as a game. I never knew that i could play it, however now that i have played it i feel like i have been able to recognize my strengths, it made me realise that i am a very determined person as, when i played it for the first time, i didn’t even know how to hold the racket correctly and so i decided that i am going to learn it with all the rules and learn to play it properly. Its important for me to try new things as it helps me recognize the strengths and the side of me that even i haven’t seen.

LO2: Since i was up to learning a sport that was completely new to me, it was challenging, i had no idea what i was doing but with the help of the instructors and also my friends, i am now able to at least say that i can play table tennis!

LO4: For me, being committed to a task depends if i enjoy doing the task or the purpose behind doing the task. In this case, was very determined to learn table tennis so i had to stay committed to it which i think i did and that is why i am able to play the sport well enough for me.

LO5: Table tennis is a sport that cannot be played individually obviously so working together with someone else is a must. I usually really enjoy working collaboratively with others so during this activity working with others helped me because they helped me learn and guided me wherever i was stuck.

To conclude, playing table tennis helped me gain a new experience in which i recognized my determination and my commitment along with taking help from others. I gained communication and self-management skills during this activity.


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