Educational trip

This activity consist of living in tents for 5 days and trekking in different forests and mountains in Abu. Here we learnt a lot of skills, like how to pitch a tent and which kind of shrubs and plants were edible and easily found around us. The goal to do this activity was to learn new survival skills and explore the nature around us.


In these 5 days of staying in Abu we did 5 treks in total and in December Abu is extremely cold and we lived in tents where there were no heaters, so to keep ourselves warm we continuously did activities and doing a trek everyday is physically exhausting some of these treks areƂ  covered climbing steep mountains and trekking for long distances like 24 kms. So the challenge was to push ourselves both mentally and physically. All the people in the trek kept each other motivated and focused throughout and that helped me a lot. Having finished all the treks and not giving up gave a a huge sense of accomplishment and the final view from the mountains we climbed a lot of times was worth it all.


As already told these treks were highly challenging so we have to persevere and commit to these treks. Due to the cold winters it rained twice during our treks which made the tracks slippery and the trekking even more challenging. It is not very easy for me to commit to things if I don’t see any sort of reward of personal development through it and I understand that these are important life skills, so the more I apply them to myself the more beneficial it is for me. This activity specifically would help we see how strong is my will power and would give me a sense of achievement so I committed and finished all the treks successfully.


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