Internship in Looms Industry

Internship in the Looms industry was a great experience for me and I learned a lot of new things like – how production and marketing sectors work. I was interested in learning the process in Looms industries and how things work exactly. Looms is one of the large sectors in the city. So I decided to visit it for a few days and learn new things.  

Lo-4 -a commitment to and perseverance.

The internship was planned for 8 days.  The location of the industry was about 24 km far from my place. Going regularly there for 8 days was really tough for me. every morning I use to find a reason to skip but due to strong dedication and being determined I completed my internship without missing a single day.        

Taking an internship as a CAS experience was really helpful for me as I learned new things and the process about looms industries.


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