Mount Abu Trek

For our school’s winter trip in the year 2019 we went to Mountabu, a hill station near the gujrat border. It was a 7 day trip, where we stayed at a campsite in tents and the whole day was spent trekking.  During this experience I developed LO1,LO2 and LO4.

During this 7 day trip I realized that my strengths were climbing uphill. Surprisingly I was able to climb uphill easily without any help from others. However, my weakness was I used to get tired very easily, my stamina is very less so I had to stop frequently to catch my breath. Now that I am aware of weakness I can work on building my stamina through jogging and exercising so I can gradually increase my difficulty level in trekking. 

This trip was fun because we got to explore so many beautiful places and we also did caving which was an amazing experience. However there were some challenges I faced. Fatigue and dehydration was the major challenge. Carrying a backup and climbing for the whole day is tiring and exhausting. Also the number of bottles was limited due to weight so every time we were tired we were advised to have only one sip. To overcome the challenge of fatigue we decided to carry one bag for 3-4 people, so we would take turns carrying. 

Furthermore, as I am not usually a committed person I face some issues. We had to explore 3 different caves but I was too tired and lazy to go for the third cave so I gave up. I really regret not going for exploring the third cave as it turned out to be very beautiful. 

During this trekking experience I developed a learners profile like risk-taker. For the first cave it was really dark and we had to crawl our way through holding our partners leg. It was really scary but I did it and felt so accomplished. This trekking trip was fun. 


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