Teaching AUTOCAD Software

My friend and I have been learning AUTOCAD 2D since 6 months and hence we decided to teamup and teach our fellow pupils the basics of this software to help in their design and technology IA. Autocad 2D is used to build interior design plans, architectural plans and more. During this experience I developed LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4 and LO7. 

During all the classes I recognized that my strengths were, I was able to explain all the commands in a simplified, easy to understand manner. I was also able to answer all their questions. However, my major weakness was being patient. Some doubts were repeated 2-3 times, and I used to get frustrated and behave rudely. I would really like to improve this weakness because patience is required in every field and you cannot just become rude to anyone. 

Furthermore, the biggest challenge my friend and I faced was the time constraint. We had limited time per class and a whole lot to cover. So we had to filter out what is extremely important and what is not. Deciding that was a challenge also because of the difference in perspective. To overcome this challenge we decided to divide. Each one of us got to list down 10 important commands to teach and then we filtered to the ones that we both got in common and planned the class accordingly. 

Organizing all the classes was a difficult challenge. I am not usually an organized person so organizing a whole class is difficult for me. We had to keep in mind that we give them time to try out the software, explore it on their own and at the same time cover the theoretical part. But, reviewing and refining our plans made me realize that if I give it my 100% I can be organized, which would be very helpful. For this particular project I dont think commitment was an issue because it was self paced we get to decide the time and other stuff. Also passing on the knowledge was interesting and exciting. We also got to brush up on our skills. 

We faced some ethical issues like, the interior plan we printed out for them was from the internet and we forgot to give credits.This is a major ethical issue plagiarism, although we verbally told them the owner of the plan but written would have been better. 

Moreover, during this project I developed some learner profile skills like being a good communicator in order to deliver the content clearly and as precisely as possible. My friend and I also learned how to reflect on the classes to improve the future classes. The whole process of teaching was fun and at the same time made us learn some things. 

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