¨Sports is a preserver of health!¨-Hippocrates

Basketball participation in U-19 girls tournament (SGFI-District level)

Basketball participation in U-19 girls tournament (Khel-Mahakumbh)

I have been learning basketball for quite a few years now. Playing this sport brings out a disparate kind of warmth and vigour in me. This sport has not only helped me in improving my  physical health, but has also supported in maintaining good mental health. During the game I am constantly thinking and deciding what moves to make, how to deal and react while under pressure. Basketball also helps me in improving my motor skills, coordination, and mainly makes me radiant. All these aspects help me improve my physical and mental health both. 

LO1=My strength is playing offencive during the game. I had average shooting skills. On the other hand, my defending skills were my weakness. Being aware of my and others strengths and weaknesses helps all of us make a good strategy and decide positions of the 5 players. While I continued maintaining my strengths I also worked upon improving my defending skills by practicing drills and tactics taught by our coach. 

LO2=One of the biggest challenges of all this time was stamina. I have always had low stamina and is also one of my weaknesses. Stamina is very important in any sport you play. Especially in basketball even though there are 4 quarters of 5 mins, it seems like a big time. Half of our energy is lost in the first 2 quarters. After which I feel tired which makes it difficult to cope up with the fast paced match. In order to overcome this challenge our coach used to make us do exercises and drills every alternative PS class. In addition, I also started working out and doing exercises at home.

LO4=Every sport required dedication, commitment and perseverance. These three things are very important because once you show dedication towards a sport you tend to learn and understand things much better and apply them in real life. Even though we had assigned slots for PS classes every cycle, a lot of times some academic work used to pop up at the end moment. This sometimes made it difficult to be committed to basketball. Yet I tried to shift things to other timings however, sometimes it was just not possible. This led me to miss some of my PS classes.

LO5=Basketball is a team sport. 12 members in each team with 5 players on the court playing. Collaborative working and cooperation is the utmost priority of everyone in the team. Working with others, in basketball, is easy for me because I have been fortunate enough to have team members whom I have known since quite a long time hence we share similar opinions on our strategies and tactics. 

LO6=The global issue this activity approaches is good health and well being. Good health and well being is one of the most important things for a human being. With good health a human tends to stay positive and happy most of the time and hence intends to spread positive vibes to others too. It also allows one to stay fit and healthy. While playing basketball I improve my physical and mental health both, as mentioned above. Knowing the importance of this global issue I, myself am motivated to stay fit. It helps me grow as a person and allows me to stay happy. 

LO7=Fair play and maintaining the ethics of the game was something which our coach strongly believed in. Not to demotivate other players, to respect the referee, etc. were the points which we had to keep in mind during the tournament. I have and will always believe in being fair because what you do will always come back to you. 

Overall, from realising my strengths and weaknesses to helping me grow beyond a sport, basketball is a very important part of my life. It allows me to grow while working with others. I will always love playing it. 

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