I like helping others and make people learn something new, and CAS gave me that opportunity. In community service, I taught underprivileged children how to cook. We made them learn how to cook different food items which were easy to make and also not time-consuming, for example, Bhel, sandwich, sev-puri, etc. It was fun teaching them, as they were very cooperative and happy when we were making them cook.

I actually like cooking, so my cooking skills helped teach them in a perfect way and manner. A difficulty I faced was, those children spoke in Gujarati and I don’t actually know how to speak Gujarati, so basically sometimes it was tough properly conversing with them. It was easy for me to make up my mind for the next session as it was pre-planned what we are going to teach the next session. In every session, we used to make groups and assign one item to each group that they will teach, I am a person who can fit with anyone who is cooperative, and the other volunteers with me were very cooperative, so it was easy and fun working with them. Also, because of this activity, I was able to know new people in my school, as working with them lead me talking to them. It was very important for us to work cooperatively, as there was large number of children that we had to handle.

Community service helped me learn how to speak in Gujarati( a little bit.), why working cooperatively is important. It even gave a very positive experience where I actually taught cooking to a group of children that had mostly boys, when we think of the local people beliefs it is that only girls do the cooking, but they proved it wrong:).

Children who are orphans don’t get proper education due to poverty and then struggles in future. Globally there is a lot of unemployment due to lack of education and poverty. Knowing these issues and educating those children helped me understand how important and serious this issue this is. It inspired me to continue this in future too.¬†and help those children make their life a little easier.

As we worked in team there could have been some people not getting involved but taking the credits which is ethically not correct. We made sure that we all actually get involved in it and help those kids.

In all, it was a good time spent in terms of developing new skills, commitment, perseverance and helping others.

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