Online Course- Project initiation and management


Project Management course:

I did this course on the platform Coursera to understand the basics of project management and project initiation. For example the key elements of a project plan and the responsibilities of a project manager. After this course, I decided to start a project of my own which was the economics club. The course was for 6 weeks.


Since I had never studied anything similar to project management before (risk-taker) it was challenging for me to understand everything and the different terminologies that were used throughout the course. To overcome this, I did extra research about various concepts that were taught on the course. This also helped me improve my research skills and gain in-depth knowledge about the concepts being taught.


To ensure I complete all my work before the deadlines, I formulated a time table. This allowed me to be more organised and as a result, I was able to complete all of my assignments and quizzes on the course in the given time period. I was not very organised with my time before this CAS experience. However, participating in this activity and trying to manage my time has definitely improved my time- management skills. This made me feel very proud of myself.


Perseverance was necessary because this course was for 6 weeks. This made it very difficult because along with the school work this course was also to be done. It was therefore not easy for me to commit to such an activity. Since I was committed so I managed to complete all the assignments. This CAS experience helped me improve my overall management skills as managing schoolwork along with the course was a tremendous task.


I was working on the theme of education which is an issue of global significance and so I knew my learnings would affect the economics club which I planned to start after the course. As a result, I decided to work to the best of my ability during the course as it could possibly affect the success of the Economics club, and also it could result in a better experience for the members.


This course had a no-plagiarism policy. As a result, I had to ensure all of the work was done by me and not copied from somewhere such as a website. This is an amazing policy because it forces people doing the course to think about the questions asked instead of searching for the answers online. This also forced me to think critically (thinker)about the questions asked without taking references online. Thus, improving my critical thinking skills. Also if any work is referred from online this policy ensures that the website or person receives the credit.

Overall, this course inspired me to start the Economics Club and also helped improve many skills such as thinking and time management. It was a great learning experience. It also made me more knowledgeable and a thinker



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