CAS Project – Organizing frisbee tournament

CAS Project – Frisbee Tournament 
Ultimate is a sport played with a piece of equipment known as Frisbee. This is a growing sport and has players from all around India. This is played by 14 players on 100 meters field, 7 aside. This sport was introduced in India around 12 years ago. The organization let the state/city organize the tournament for which I opted for. I belong to the northwest region on India and that is why I organized the second North-west sectionals. We were 3 people working collaboratively for the event being held on the 6th of October. We started working a month prior so that interested players can participate and arrangements of participants.
LO 1 – I have never organized such a big event and after organizing it, it helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses. I am good at making online posters and keeping a record of finance. I made announcements of this even by posting the poster on our social media accounts as well as on the Surat Ultimate Instagram handle. I knew I’m not good at planning for the resources and checking its status so my friends did that work. Knowing my strengths and weakness helped me create the most effective path of my CAS Plan journey.
LO 2 – Organizing and accomodating this huge event was itself a big task. It was my first time so even a single mistake could lead to an unavoidable consequence. Making a timeline of things that needs to be done and how to do it was challenging. We knew what all had to be done but faced difficulty in the process of doing it, which we overcame by taking help from our school’s event planner. It was important for us to struggle first and then seek help. It was difficult to set a budget as we had to no clue about the costing yet we came up with one and it worked precisely. I learned the skill of publicizing about any event and I feel learning any new skills helps us in the future and makes our work easier and faster.
LO 3 - Planning an event needs good preparation time which we started very prior to the event. Firstly I started with important basic details like setting up a convenient date for everyone to attend this tournament, moving ahead with informing the school for helping us with the school ground and kitchen staff for food. We planned a meeting with our school’s event planner and segregated our work accordingly. It was hard for us to set a budget and decide upon a fee for the tournament. We learned that planning and initializing work make it easier for us in the future.
LO 4 - Along with our tight schedule and lots of planning, we stood dedicated to our aim here. We were a part of each and every work which was frustrating but we somehow managed to complete it all on time and stayed committed to our work. Being responsible is the right attribute to follow. I am a person who can commit easily which helped me hold up to this one. I was very much excited to plan an event like this and that’s why it didn’t get boring for me.
LO 5 - It is better to work in a group rather than working alone because more skilled people are working on the same project making it effective. It was easy for me because I am very friendly with everyone and there were no issues or problems were faced within us. Trust and commitment from each person in the group were the same which made us stick together on the same path. I learned that working collaboratively helps productivity and more ideas are generated. It helped us get better at our critical thinking process as well.
LO 7 - This was our CAS project, few people who attended this had less money so we to be fair we kept 200 as the tournament fee for everyone who attends it. It took time for us to reconsider this idea because our budget was getting affected by the same. We weren’t sure we did the right thing but we did what our instincts said. It gave us financial pressure but we did what we thought was ethically correct by not discriminating people for the fee.
To conclude, it was a very much fun tournament with no problems faced and was a successful one. I personally learned a lot by working together as a team with commitment and being responsible for tasks assigned. I explored myself with what I am capable of doing.

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