SAT Peer Tutoring

I had faced a lot of problems preparing for the SAT and struggled a lot until I got a great score. I thought about giving back to the school community and helping out my juniors and peers who are facing problems similar to what I had in the past. On that note, I approached the school administration for starting the first of its kind SAT Peer Tutoring group at school. After receiving approval, I recruited more people alongside me and eventually started with an online teaching module.


L1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I had identified that I was good at the concepts the SAT tested its test takers on and so started my initiative.

L2 – Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken developing new skills

Developing the curriculum and actually teaching people my age proved to be extremely difficult tasks in the beginning as communication lapses occurred on top of the already remote system we were using due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of facing the challenges I developed superior communication and teaching skills as I was effective in getting the contents of my sessions through to my tutees.

L4-commitment to and perseverance

Working online was definitely a challenge because the medium is not as effective as face to face. Even though we were facing setbacks, I was committed to our initial vision of imparting quality education. It was very challenging at times to tackle some doubts and explain some concepts to students who were not very strong academically but we persisted through the module.

 L5-. Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively

I had recruited a team and hence was able to delegate tasks according to the strengths of each of the members. For example, some of the team really excelled at mathematics so that work was divided amongst us in that way. Having a team also made curriculum management easier as there were different perspectives from people who had scored decently on the test.

L6-engagement with issues of global significance, & L7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

We were working on the theme of education which is an issue of global significance and we knew that our actions may even determine the futures of some of our tutees. I understood the importance and possible impact the initiative could have and worked to the best of my abilities to ensure that our choices and actions affect the tutees positively. We have already tutored over 25 students for the SAT from the 10th and 11th grade.

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