Farewell is a event held in our school every year to congratulate our seniors and bid them farewell for their future.I chose to be in the decoration team because in my old school we used to have such an annual event also and i had some experience in this. And also I have stage fear so others were not a great option for me.


1 week before the farewell we had to come early in so that we can decorate and many of us were inconsistent and did not work properly but we tried our best to be as much consistent as possible.


We all had to work in teams and coordinate and communicate with each other so that all the areas of decoration are complete and this could not have been done without the help of our team leaders and even they could not have done all this by themselves so it was good group effort which led to sucess in the end.


Global issue that we were facing was not to litter here and there and use biodegradable material as much as possible. We used least amount of plastic as possible threw them in a proper container so that it doesn’t harm our  environment.

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