Educational trip to Mount Abu

This was my first time going on a school trip and it was a great experience going with my friends. We went to a hill station named Mount Abu and engaged in many activities such as trekking, caving, sightseeing and rock climbing. It was one of the most adventurous and fun trip i have ever been to.


Throughout the trip we did many activities such as valley crossing,local sports, caving and most important of all trekking. Even though i had a certain disadvantage i was able to cope up with them and tried my very best best in doing activities and build good amount of physical strength in doing so.


I have acrophobia and it was great challenge for me to climb to golden chimney, this was the highest point we had gone in our entire trekking experience. I was about to back out from going to that last point but our trekking instructor helped me a lot, i am thankful to them that they helped me, because of them i was able to gain such a great experience and overcome my fear of heights. Not only acrophobia but also due to my Asthma problem i had a lot of problem during trekking because i had to carry my inhaler wherever i went and there was a lot of coughing and breathing problems. It was a great challenge for us to live in tents and use different type of washroom, most of us were not acquainted with such facilities but still we all tried to make the best of the situation. This was my first trekk so i did not know how much problems i would be facing but overall it was a great experience and a fun trip.


In this trip our stamina and dedication was challenged to its fullest. I participated in every possible activity and tried by best to complete them, some of the students were backing out just because they were tired or scared of the situation and were enable to acquire such a great experience. At the end of the day it was all worth it.


In this trip our instructors taught us the very definition of team work and how to work collaboratively with others and to do this they arranged a activity afternoon for us and we played special games to improve our communication skills ,patience and discipline.


In this trip the global issue that i came across was not litter here and there and not to destroy the natural beauty of the scenario. Most of the groups that came to these place did not show this trait and threw waste materials here and there.

Learner characteristics that i acquired were – communication skills, principled caring and risk taker.



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