CAS project FIFA Tournament

I performed my CAS project on the FIFA tournament which was successfully executed with the help of 3 other friends of mine. We decided to organize a FIFA tournament because there are many tournaments which are held for sports and also for academic purposes but none are held for gaming tournaments but since everyone who organized this event had an interest in FIFA and gaming we decided to organize this and also due to growing interest in this we were sure that people would be willing to participate and also pay. Money was taken to donate what extra credit we made to a charity. Initially we were going to donate blankets but due to covid-19 situation we decided to donate through an online platform.


I have never once organized any event or even been in a leadership position due to my stage fear and anxiety issues with new people hence I try to ignore these opportunities. This was a big milestone for me because I was able to  address this problem and understand how I can overcome this problem. With the help of my friends and their support I was able to overcome this anxiety to some extent and coordinate others while conducting this event.


Difficulty we faced was convincing people to come to this event because most of the people believe that gaming does not require any intellect and can be won very easily but according to many psychiatric research gaming requires an intellect which comes in handy while strategizing and thinking in multiple aspects at the same time. But most people did not know this and did not take us seriously and it was difficult to convince adults to participate in the tournament.


Since I had no experience in organizing an event and neither did my friends, it was a difficult task for us to figure out how to determine and prioritize parts of an event and how to execute them. Since it was a gaming event I believed that people would approach us on their own but realized that was not the case and we had to go from class to class and recruit gamers. This taught me a very valuable lesson that plans don’t always go the way you want and reality is a lot more different then our expectations. Which allowed me to understand the importance of planning and working from beforehand. 


We were in regular contact with each other and had to think of multiple strategies to gather crowds because we did not have an idea on how to gather people or even how to give an incentive for participating in the tournament. So we decided to go with social media and class to class announcements and also a prize for positions 1 to 3rd which allowed us to earn credit for organization and donate the profit to charity. We then realized that money itself was enough incentive to gather people.


We were working in a group of 4 so we decided to delegate tasks depending on our skills and hence I was given a task to organize and determine the schedule and everyone helped with the media program and gathering people for the event. Also delegating tasks made it easier on us and helped coordinate all the aspects of an event. 


During this whole event we earned a profit of 2000 rupees which was donated to the relief fund for Beirut. Initially we decided to donate blankets to the poor and help them with cold but due to COVID-19 situation and rising risk in coming out of home we decided to donate through a portal which made us feel accomplished and made us a part of something big which helped others.


Since all our contestants had to pay some amount of money we had to make sure that no group is matched in an unfair manner such that weak players don’t even have a chance to win so we had to make sure that every group had an equal chance for winning the tournament. Also that the fees was reasonable and such that profit could be donated to underprivileged.

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