PS Football

I have been playing football since 10th grade, it is the best and my favourite sport. I started playing football so that i can improve my asthma and try to increase my stamina. The reason why i like this sport is because me and all my friends together can play this sport and we all have had a lot of fun playing.


I am a defender and my job is to help gollie protect the post and clear the ball from danger position as soon as possible, it need patience and control because sometimes it might also hurt others or even yourself while playing. A defender mostly needs a good physique which i lack on many levels but i have been working on it and trying my best in overcoming them.


Some of the challenges faced in this sport is maintaining physique. In football it is very hard to play 90 minutes game, even for the professionals they get tired once or twice. Due to my asthma problem it has certainly been hard for me to play as much as others, but still i try to play as much as i can .


As people are consistent at PS when they have too much work or when a deadline is approaching they tend to skip the PS classes, but i try to be consistent with them and give my full effort.


As you know football is a team sport and all the players need to work together to win the match. It is a sport in which team coordination and communication with each other is very necessary or else in the game you can not make out what will be the direction of the game. Even most of the practice sessions are held in teams to improve each other’s skills and it also deepens our bonds with each other.


Global significance that I was facing that most people are facing health issues such as obesity and even i am a bit obese but trying my best to come out of it and staying consistent with the game has been very helpful to me.


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