Working Out At Home during Lock down

Playing sports has always been fun for me which also helps me take care of my physical health. However, due to the lock down because of Covid-19, I couldn’t go out to play. Hence, in order to take care of my health, I decided to start working out at home itself, even though it seemed as a boring option.

I catered to LO1 as I knew I needed to work on some muscle strength of mine which I identified as my weakness. Since I was aware of it, the initial plan of workout I made for myself included weight exercises which would help me build up on my weakness. I felt knowing my weakness led me to making a more efficient plan for myself. Whilst, one of my strengths is my stamina which I wanted to maintain and so I also included doing the stairs workout which will help me keep up with my stamina. By this I got to know the importance of knowing and understanding our weaknesses and strengths. I now feel I have definitely improved is terms of strength, since I started using basketball in my workout and I could see the difference. I feel gradually, I am going to overcome this weakness, which I think I have to quite and extent.

While, LO3 was included automatically since I am usually an organised person,  planning wasn’t too difficult for me. The planning help me work on all my weaknesses well. And coincidentally it was that time when I found out about this 20 Day Challenge happening when a daily workout routine will be given to us. We were divided in teams and we had to finish our workout as soon as possible. We also had to give the evidences of our workout. This included other people also in the plan, but it was helpful since I got a variety of exercises to do then. The whole importance of initiating a plan made was something I realised by this.

It wasn’t easy to continue this throughout the lock down when the routine of ours gets very lazy and nothing is set, but I covered LO4 since it was throughout the lock down I kept doing some form of exercise, be it my own routine, the group challenge, or from an online app. I showed a very disciplined involvement throughout which also helped me keep up my physical well being. The end accomplishment did make me feel really proud.

Finally, LO7 was also a learning because I had already considered and made choices since the very beginning. I knew if I don’t workout just due to being lazy, I will feel guilty at the end of the day. This led me to mind my actions and choices throughout and pushed me to workout every single day even if I didn’t want to. My morale of balancing out on to life was something I was keen on.

Thus, the learner profiles that I developed were principled because I followed this thoroughly and with all integrity, I also developed the habit of being balanced, to not only focus on one aspect of life since all of them are important. This activity definitely brought a sense of achievement, it made my day feel productive. It also instantly changed my mood to being very happy.

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