The following reflection is of a CAS project including the “Creativity,” “Activity” and “Service” strands. Every year, night outs are held at our school which, this year was organised by me and my batchmate. The night out was held for grade 9 to 12 with 380 students and 70 teachers. My work was to plan the schedule of the night out, to plan each activity which the students were going to do, decide the food and drinks menu, schedule and plan the night tournament, and to overlook the organising team and assign roles to them. 


The event started at 4pm on 10th Jan and ended at 6am the next morning. We started by having snacks for the evening, followed by a treasure hunt. For that edition of night out, we had completely changed the way in which clues were created for the venues, replacing riddles with image clues, audio clips and other various types. After the treasure hunt, Band and Dance performances were held. There were a total of 15 to 20 performances with the graduating, grade 12, coming up with the most. We had DJ for about an hour after the performance after which a break of 1 hour was given where students had their dinner and changed for the night tournament. The night tournament continued till 5 am and students left by 6 am. 


LO1- My strength for this particular event was leadership. Reviewing the schedule and making changes to it compared to previous years, changing the flow of events to make the event go smoother. The organizing team also received compliments from the authorities for making the event the smoothest edition till date. Leadership skills helped me manage the event as well as the team, assigning them tasks according to their strengths. 


LO2- One challenge was to convince the school authorities for bringing new thing to the night out for eg: instead of the food provided by the school, the school can hire a food truck, changing the scavenger hunt event with any other similar event, extending the time for the night tournament and rather conducting it on a school ground outside the main premises. All the suggestions were denied by the school due to safety and various other reasons. Another challenge was to incorporate so many students and teachers and too include numerous sports for the night tournament in a small space. Also, teams for the cricket tournament increased at the very last moment and to make changes into match fixtures and the schedule of the tournament.


LO3- This CAS project is an event which is held every year at our school. This year’s edition was arranged and planned by me and some of my batchmates who were there in the organizing team. I usually like organizing events.The planning and the execution were equal on the difficulty level but none of them were very difficult to do. With every I help organize I learn something new, this event taught me to complete tasks on time, ensuring the public interest. It is really important to know how to plan and initiate events as this will surely help in one’s future career and if not, it helps develop different important life skills.  


LO4- We had to show commitment in order to make this event successful. We had to come early to the school for several days for meetings and the organization of the event. We also had to take out time from our assignments and classes to complete the tasks of the event. On the day of the event, we didn’t play the amazing scavenger hunt as it was created by us, we also missed some of the matches in the night tournament and completed our work according to our roles for the event.


LO5- Working collaboratively with my peers and the school authorities was necessary to make this event success. Working according to the school’s policies and guidelines, seeking permission at every step. Synergy amongst the student organizing committee was necessary in order to complete all the work on time with quality as it wasn’t possible to complete all the work with this quality even if one of us was missing.


LO7- There was as such no major issue of ethics. We had to use many images and audios for the scavenger hunt and some of them were copyrighted. So in order to avoid that, we used alternate images and audios, citing them in MLA-7 format.

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