Peace Cadre

Peace Cadre is a platform to stop the bullying happening in our school and to maintain peace in school. I, along with a friend of mine, are in charge of grade 8, where we make sure there is no bullying happening and that there is a positive learning environment for the students. 

LO1- One of my strengths I realized over the period of time was that I was really good at communicating with students and it made our job really easy since we were able to help them quickly and solve the issues faster. One weakness I noticed was that both my partner and I weren’t visiting the assigned classes often and hence the issues got a little of hand, and that made me realize and we then got back on track.  

LO2- One of the challenges I faced was that since this was a long term activity, we had to regularly visit the classes and it got a little difficult since we had to do it during school hours, and it hampered my schedule a little since I had to go and observe during my free time. I then had to prioritize my time accordingly and often talk to the class leader and the teachers about the problems that they were facing.  

LO4- Since I was a part of the peace cadre team, I had to make sure I was putting enough effort and was doing the needful. Being consistent was something I had to make sure I was focusing on because the classes I was assigned to had a lot of issues almost every week, and I had to make sure they were being solved. I had to remake my time table since I used to study during my free slots but ever since the problems increased, I had to go during my free slots to observe and talk to students. 

LO6- Few global issues this activity helped were health and well-being, and peace and justice and strong institutions. This activity helped in creating a positive learning environment for the students and is also necessary for one’s personal growth. 

To conclude, this activity helped me in being open-minded and a communicator with the students while listening to their problems and helping them solve it.  

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