Seva Cafe – Monsoon Musings

I participated in Monsoon musings, a platform where people are welcomed to present their poetry, write-ups, etc. In that, I took part in Seva Cafe, an event with the sole purpose of providing a variety of delicacies to the participants. Any amount is accepted and all are welcomed to come and the money collected will be given as charity. We were divided into 4 groups and everyone had to get different food items. 

LO2:  There were various challenges that had to be overcome in order to retain the maximum number of customers. Our food should be delicious and should match the taste of the customers. It was also important that the food should be presented well and customers shall feel welcomed, it will help us maintain a good image and they will be likely to donate more as an act of gratitude.

LO4: There was a major challenge that we as a group faced. One of our group members who was assigned to get the main ingredient was absent on that day and we had to make other arrangements in order to replace the missing product. We coordinated really well and arranged for a similar item somehow which we then served along with our other food item. It really taught me how to be patient in difficult situations.

LO5: This experience taught me a lot about problem-solving and putting my critical thinking skills into effect. I gained a broader understanding of how synergy plays an important role in projects and other life scenarios. Together, I and my peers were able to put up a great show which resulted in satisfactory contributions from our participants which will then be used for charity purposes. Participating in Seva Cafe has helped me plan me to engage in more such activities. I have developed communication skills while catering to the guests. 

LO1: Our activity was successful as we raised sufficient funds and people were satisfied with our servings. One thing I would like to do better next time is to make prior arrangements so that there is no possibility of error and last minute arrangements can be avoided. This activity was a mutually beneficial one where people got a platform to express themselves and we earned money. This activity can be conducted by various other organizations such as a company as it provides its employees with a stage to share their views which they might not otherwise. The few learnings that I will take back are being calm in different situations which I can apply in my life for eg. writing a test. I wish to participate in such events in the future.

LO6: People are often deprived of hunger and by conducting this event, we tried our best to serve the people with delicious food. We contributed our share to this global issue.

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