I’ve always had an inclination to organize events and FSMUN 6.0 gave me the opportunity to do so. I was a part of the logistics and the decoration team, and I had to make the delegate kits and the flags and was supposed to help on the day of the event. 

LO1- This event helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses in terms of creativity. I learned that I was really good at coming up with ideas as well as communicating with other people, and that really made our work easier since we all synchronized and worked together as a team. I realized that i was not good at my creative skills, so I had to either seek help or give it to a friend of mine, although this event did help me improve a lot. 

LO2- One of the challenges that I faced was to come early to school for about 3 weeks continuously to do all the work. It got really difficult to manage the OC work along with my studies, and because of that I’d put the OC work on the side, and soon the workload got really hectic so I decided to prioritize my work and soon started to work on it efficiently. 

LO4- We worked on this event for a long while, and without our teamwork and hard work, we wouldn’t have been able to make this event come true. We had to come to school early for about 3 weeks and do all the necessary work, and although it did hamper my daily schedule, I still managed to do my school work and studies along with the OC work since I was committed to it.

LO5- I really liked working as a team, since it helped me gain more creative skills as well as we all came up with more ideas and it made everything way easier. Although during the early ins, few people did not do their work on time and it did hamper our work a little, but as a team, we all helped each other and worked together. 

To conclude, I did learn a lot from this event, and I’m glad to be a part of this. The learner profile characteristics achieved are open-minded, principle and communicator since I worked in a team and we shared our ideas and opinions with each other and worked towards our goal as a team. 

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