we have been to a hill station named mount Abu where we stayed for a week to do trekking and other adventurous activity. we stayed in tents and tried connecting to nature in a world full of technology. This trip included everything to rock climbing to trekking, night trekking to caving. It didn’t only make us independent and adventurous but also gives us an opportunity to make memories and enjoy nature and it’s beauty. since it was my first experience of staying away from my home and I was scared but I enjoyed it a lot.

LO 2: the challenge that I think I faced was adapting to the environment as living in a forest in tents was a major challenge for everyone. Since the weather over there was so cold doing so much trekking in that environment was difficult. Also, our trek was of 5 to 6 hours which made it more exhausting but at the end of the day, we used to learn something every day. I have never anything similar to that in my whole life. we did overcome this challenge to some extent by making sure that we are keeping ourselves fit and getting rest as much as we can and be with everyone in their need but I don’t think so that challenge was overcome completely because it was something we have to get used to. By undertaking this challenge I felt strong and independent I thought I can do something on my own and I have capabilities to do that. The skills that I have learned throughout where trekking skills and I think it is important to learn those skills because everyone experiences something like in their life ones and it is good if they have skills to endure it in the future.


LO 4: I think on this trip we required perseverance because we have

to undergo every activity whether we like it not because we didn’t have to option to return back. I saw some of the friends who ere not so to all this hard work but they still continued doing and I should mention the end result made it all worth it. I know I didn’t experience personally but still, it was quite an experience for me. Because as I said I faced challenges during the whole trip then also we didn’t give up.

LO 5: This trip was the all-time proof of how good things become when we work collaboratively. During our trekking sessions, we used to guide the person behind us about what was coming ahead so that they can be prepared even during caving it was completely dark and we have blind trust the person ahead of us which also made our bonding more strong. I don’ think I faced any difficulty working with someone because during this trip we forgot about our issues and focused on making sure that the other one is fine. Also as we didn’t had phones and gadgets in our free time we increased our bonding. At last, for us new students it was a great experience to get to know each other.

O 6: The global significance issue that I got engaged to during this trip is life on land. As I already mentioned we lived in tents and we made sure that we are not harming our nature by any sense by living there for example we didn’t use packaged food or plastic. We made sure that we are not damaging the environment by destroying the plant’s life or something like that. I think it is globally significant because the most dangerous issue that our earth is facing is environmental degradation and I think it is our duty to make sure we contribute positively toward that. Also, we visited 2 dams over there and saw how sustainable dams are constructed without disturbing the flow of water. whenever we used to trek I observed how the areas which are not in human touch have so much life and we can still manage to make them more lively. overall I understood why it is important for us to manage our ecosystem and how we are destroying it by our activities.

The learner profile characteristics I achieved are risk-takers, balanced, caring, principled, thinker and reflective. This trip was a great experience for me and I think the most I learned was from this trip only and I will remember it till a long time.

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