Community service

Community service was the initiative which was organized by our school to give us students an opportunity to teach various kind of activities to the underprivileged kids aged from 7-year-olds to 17 years. The activity which I chose to teach those kids cooking.

The learning outcomes which I achieved during this are:

LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas of growth:

this initiative was a learning experience for me, as even tho l like to help people who are in need I found out that the trait that I lack is patience and we had to be very patient while teaching those kids many times I was on the verge of losing it and now that I know my weakness I try to improve upon it.

LO2: Demonstrates that challenges which have been undertaken developing new skills in process:

as I’m someone who loses temper easily and has a hard time adjusting to the new environment it was always hard for me to be in the kitchen and make the kids learn different cooking skills when they weren’t able to grasp what I was saying which lead me to improve my communication skills.

LO4: Show commitment and perseverance in CAS experience:

community service was held every Saturday and Sundays for 3 weeks which means going to school on weekends for 2 hours which meant showing complete commitment to the cause for which I was coming to the school that is teaching underprivileged kids how to cook.

LO5: demonstrates the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively:

LO6: The sessions helped me to try and erase the class difference. While attending these sessions i got to interact with students who does not have the privilege that i have and tried to understand their issues and made them feel more accepted and valued

as we had the group of volunteers so we divided the work efficiently. We were working in the group and not individually so we were able to support each other and were able to teach kids more nicely.


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