Strands covered – creativity

We, students of grade 11, prepared for the farewell for our seniors. The theme was nostalgia under the stars. I was in the decoration team. The hippodrome was decorated with fairy lights, clouds, balloons, pictures of our seniors and there were round tables where they were sitting in the groups of 8-9 people. On the table there were candles in a jar. We also decorated the lawn area for dinner. The lawn was also decorated with fairy lights and though small tables, we made a big table where their whole grade could sit together for dinner.


As the whole grade was involved in this event, we had a big squad to work with, it made it easier to do work fast. Arranging tables to arranging the photo booths seemed much easier with people working on it together. Working with a lot of people gave us a lot of different creative ideas. Working and interacting with others was fun. I enjoyed decorating the venues and making great memories with my grade members.


Commitment and perseverance was needed to come for early ins (which sometimes I did not attend.) However, I used my study slots to cover up for the work (for example, other students and I made paper roses for twelfth graders). All in all, it was a great event overall considering everyone’s efforts that were given.

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