Strands covered : creativity, service.

Seva Cafe was an event where I learned to share and care for others around me. On the day of the event we students decorated the assembly also assembled everyone’s dishes in the kitchen where almost whole grade was making unforgettable memories. In this event we students were divided into groups where the group members had to decide upon the menu of the food items to keep up for sell. My group had prepared ice tea and cupcakes. At the end of the event the money collected by the event was donated to the missing girls (project). Also, the amount the buyers were paying was not decided beforehand they paid what they felt they wanted to.


During Seva Cafe, the most challenging part for me was to make the buyers understand why we have conducted this event and making them understand that they can pay any amount they pay for the amount of food they wanted to. In the beginning it made me feel irritated as we had to explain it to everyone and that too again and again. However, as the time passed I realised we had conducted the event for good purpose and it was my duty to make them understand about it without reacting. Seva Cafe made me realised that commitment it no hard work if you know the reason why you want to commit and how much does that mean to you.

LO5 :

Working with someone can be difficult sometimes however during this event everyone was so understanding that it went smoothly and that could make to the event’s success. Working collaboratively helps to lessen the burden/ stress also it helps gain more perspectives. Working with others made the decision making for the decoration part easier. This great teamwork by each grade member made the event so colourful and with a lot of beautiful memories to remember.


LO6 :

The global issue in this event was focused on the “life on land”. The total amount collected was donated to the missing girls project. This is a global issue as the missing girls project is about to be help for the girls who have been gone missing for either labor of human trafficking and more. Knowing about this helped me look online about it and made me aware about the depth of this kind of situations going around the world and made me aware to know some basic self defense moves to protect myself.


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