Strads – Creativity.
we students were given a choice to select from dance, painting, film. I selected Painting. I procrastinated until the very end but it was fun to do. while completing one of the paintings it did ot edup good so I decided to make more than I painting ad ended up making four of them displaying my different mindsets for example the midsets it displayed were happy, confused and so on.

I knew one of my weaknesses that I am unable to paint things that needs detail in it because I guess I lack patience sometimes. I decided to paint spongebob’s face, some abstract art ad more it was more free than being detailed. I used ear buds to paint the flowers rather than using paintbrush. Basically I found alternatives to paint which made it a little difficult in the start however it was so much fun to do.


The strengths I discovered through this activity was, me willing to showcase my work to others and talking about it to teachers and other students. Such activity kept me going and eventually made me confident about my work and myself.Also I got to know I am more interested into abstract art rather than sitting for one painting for hours and hours.


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