Creative mela

Creative mela

The creative meal is an event held at fountainhead school every year. This event is an opportunity for students to explore different workshops and learn new things. These workshops are conducted by enthusiastic individuals who wish to share their skills with the kids. I took part in the event and volunteered to help in the stone painting workshop for grades 3-4 where I would teach the students stone painting.

Creative mela helped me cater to LO2, 4 and 1.

I catered LO2, which is Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process. Creative mela workshops gave me an opportunity to undertake challenges such as handling a large number of grade 3-4 students at once, instructing them, helping them and ensuring that they do it the right way without wasting resources. I also developed communication skills when I had to communicate with the students and teach them how to do the stone painting by creating a fun learning environment. It became very difficult to get the desired results because the kids were very young to have those fine artistic skills to paint on small stones and they were in huge numbers. Here I faced difficulties because it got very chaotic to handle and instruct them. Then I took the help of a teacher and told the kids to settle down. By doing so, I catered LO4 which is Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences. This is because even though it became difficult to handle, I was committed to what I had to do and did not give up and took the CAS experience seriously. This activity helped me cater to LO 1 as well which is Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth. I really enjoy doing arts which is why I took this opportunity to share my skills and strengths with others. I identified where all I faced difficulties whether it be putting my thoughts with more clarity or instructing people. Later, after I identified areas for growth, this makes it easier for me to overcome my weaknesses and involve proper planning of anything in the future.

This CAS activity really helped me achieve a few skills and develop new habits. One of which is “Begin with the end in mind”. The chaos and mistakes helped me understand that preplanning activities or events for future opportunities will make my work a lot easier to execute whether it be revision for examination or planning of an event. I had attended a stone painting workshop during creative mela in one of the years earlier, hence when I did then helped me now when I took up this workshop for other kids. I was basically being reflective about what I have learned earlier and applied it in different contexts now.

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