Peace Cadre

Peace Cadre is a student body in school which worked against bullying to help maintain positive environment amongst students. It basically worked in a way where seniors (us) where assigned lower grades and sections and the seniors were supposed to make sure that there was no bullying in the particular class as well as there was a positive learning environment. Steps which were taken by us where to make random observations in classes, be in contact with class leaders to take updates and talk to students who did not behave in the accepted way. The learning outcomes that I achieved are LO1, LO2, LO4, LO6

LO1: In the time span of 6 months, I realised a lot about myself. A few strengths that came across was that I was really good with communicating with the students. It was because, I could give them a space to share and provide proper listening. This also aided me to solve almost all issues that section was facing. Despite the easy solving, I realised that there was a lot more I could do better. I was not consistent enough in making regular observations, I was more relied on the class leader with what they were saying and did not actually visit the classes regularly.

LO2: A few challenges I faced were that it was difficult to penetrate through the bullies. It was difficult to make them understand the effect they had on others. It was so challenging to break the wall was because they had this mindset that we were ‘teacher’s pet’ and hence they would not openly talk to us. As I had not done any similar thing, it was difficult to overcome this challenge. However, by giving the students liminal space to share I feel that I could make them take openly.

LO4: Being persistent was essential in this CAS activity. Regularly making observations and talking to students to make sure that they felt safe in the environment was very necessary. However, I could show enough commitment and persistence because we had to go to talk and for observations during our free slots or break times. As I had already taken up a lot during those 6 months, I had packed schedules during my free slots. Hence, it was not easy to show commitment towards my work, but I feel that I gave my best at what I had to give.

LO6: A globally significant issue attached with this activity was health and wellbeing. This is important as mental health of every human is equally important. Peace Cadre tried to make sure that there is positive environment for students which will eventually aid in keeping positive mental health.

In all, I think this was a really positive experience for me in terms of self-awareness and to develop my skills of communication, thinking and reflection.

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