Garba Fest-OC

I participated in Garba Fest (Shubh Avsar) this year as a member of the organizing committee and as a participant in the photographer and the actual event. it absolutely was an exciting experience as a result of I used to be able to do several things for the 1st time, and I finished up having a lot of fun than I ever would have! I’m glad I got a chance to try and do things like this. Within the organizing committee, I clicked photos of the event


LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I really bad dancer and I had stage fear too. To overcome my fear and improve my dancing skills I enrolled in this event, which help me build confidence and though this event I learned different Garba steps (22 and 32). Also, I am really good at clicking pictures hence I also enrolled as a photographer for the event, which helped me to enhance my photography skills

LO2: Undertaken new challenges

As I was a bad dancer, I took the help of my friends in teaching me Garba and also I watched online tutorials which helped to do the Garba much more smoothly. I also attended early-in which happened in school to practice Garba.

LO4: Worked collaboratively with others

As there were 3 more photographers in the event hence we divide the location and kept on rotating so that each one of us could click from different angles. Also, while practicing there were over 8 people hence we divided our self into 2 groups and then 2 leaders were opted out and then they would lead the practice which when very smoothly and efficiently.

LO5: Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities

I went in each and every early-in for 1 hour 15 min / 7 days and practice dance.



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