Cas Plan – Shreedhi Ejardar

Proposed ActivitiesDescription of the activityComponents (C/A/S)Duration (long term/short term)Start and end dateInvestigation- a. What are your skills/interest and what is your purpose for selecting this CAS experience? b. incase of service- What is the issue you will be focusing on?is it aligned to any of the sustainable goals.Learning Outcomes you aim to achieveLocation (in- school/out -of-school)Supervisor
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)As the name suggests, Mixed Martial arts is a sport consisting of all different forms of fighting styles. For example: Kudo, Karate, Taekwondo, boxing, Wrestling etc. All combined into one is called mixed martial arts.ActivityLong term.17th June 2019- 28th January 2020My purpose for choosing this activity mainly focuses on trying to develop a healthy and strong lifestyle. I have always had an interest in learning proffesional fighting , and while I had a little knowledge about karate from 1st grade, I had mostly forgotten or left the sport with undeveloped skills. Now that I am doing this activity again, not only am I doing something I’m interested in, but I’m also making the effort to finish and develop my skills that were left unfinished.Good health and well-beingLO1, LO2, LO3, LO4Out of SchoolVispy Kharadi Sir
Community serviceOn weekends, children from underprivilledged schools visited fountainhead and I volunteered to teach them arts and crafts. Students were divided into groups and we used to teach them to make different kinds of origami and drawingsCreativity, ServiceShort term22nd July 2019 To 4th August 2019I chose to do this activity since I enjoy spending time on providing better education to people with less opportunities. My strenghts in this activity was that I find myself to excell at arts, so it was easier to communication with the students and I was able to achieve my goal. The issue that is focused on in this cas plan is right to educationQuality education, Gender Equality, Reduced inequalitiesL4,L5,L6In schoolFalguni Jariwala Ma’am
Volunteer and participate for garba fest organising comiteeAs a part of the organising comitee, we were given the responsiblity to undertake actions such as decoration, photography, flashmob, music etc. We worked with the organisers of the event to make sure everything was prepared accordingly beforehand and that everything ran smoothly during the day of the eventCreativity, ActivityShort term1st Septemeber 2019 to 13th September 2019The reason I decided to take up this activity was because I like to explore the dynamics of behind the scenes of any event and it is something that intrigues me. Being a part of something like this helped satisfy my curiosity and showcase my skills for the sameGood health and well-being, Partnerships to achieve goalsL3,L4,L5In SchoolAman Kuba Sir
Organise FarewellOrganising the farewell was one of the most fun cas activties that I undertook. We as part of the organising commitee, calibarated the entire plan from A-Z for the event of farewell for our senior batch. We prepared dances, music, decoration, dinner arrangements and other things to wish our seniors a great farewellCreativity, Activityshort term2nd February 2020 to 21st February 2020This CAS experience was one of my favourites along with my CAS project, it helped my show my skills of creativity and leadership. I also performed dances on stage because I wanted to overcome my stage fear. I chose this activity to work on my weaknesses as well as showcase my strenghts in areas where neededPartnership to achieve goalsL1, L2, L4, L5In schoolNikita Jhaveri Ma’am
Online Dance classAmidst the pandemic of coronavirus, every medium of action switch to and relied heavely upon the technology of video calls. One such activity was dance classes, that I decided to undertake. We learnt 4 different forms of art of dances, with each day being a different song and danceCreativity, ActivityShort term26th May – 1st June 2020I had a strong urge to overcome my fear of dancing in front of other people, and online dance classes seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it, as I was given the comfort of my own house but there were still people watching and guiding meGood health and well-being, Gender equality, Reducing InequalitiesL1, L2Outside SchoolTijo Sir, Juhi Ma’am and Jetal Ejardar
Paintings businessI used procreate to draw digital customized drawings for anyone who wanted to bring their pictures to reality. I print them out and frame theme for a perfect birthday gift or home accessory.Creativity, ServiceLong term5th August 2020 – 22nd February 2021Lockdown motivated everyone’s inner artist to channel their skills, me being one of them. I was not exceptionally good at paper art so I decided to explore the world of digital drawings and arts which seemed to work well for me. I was able to earn money out of this experience, which I did donate to covid relief funds but overall, the experience helped me reach certain goals and give me a mature experience about business and inculcating what I enjoy with itDecent work and economic growth, Responsible consumption and productionL1, L2Outside SchoolJetal Ejardar
Online Fitness classDuring the lockdown, my phsyical health was at stake as I was doing no activity whatsoever and my food intake increased. Concerned for my health, I decided to do online gym classes where an instructor guides us through exercises for 1-2 hours so that we can still remain healthy during quarantineActivityLong term.6th May 2020 – 14th July 2020My main goal was to maintain a proper health since the pandemic restricted us to step outside our houses. The challenges I faced were trying to perform activties at the same pace as others, the first three months of lockdown were spent doing no physical activity, which caused my stamina and overall performance abilities to go down, so I had to develop it all over again and catching up took timeGood Health and WellbeingL1, L4, L6Outside SchoolMehul Vora Sir and Abukar Sir
Missing girls (CAS Project)Missing girls was a cas project where along with a group, spread awareness about human trafficking. We had to play a game launched by the organization in order to grasp their aim for this cause. We then went to underpriviledged schools, and even held a session in our own school for students to expand their knowledge about the dangers of human traffickingCreativity, Activity, ServiceShort term9th September 2019 – 1st march 2020I like to spread awareness about topics that are not talked about often. This is a senstive and triggering topic so it was a challenge to communicate information about it in a subtle and informative way, especially since our audience was younger, we needed to make sure that everything was clear in order to achieve the goal of the cas experience. I believe overall, because we used games, and tactics like giving chocolates to the kids who answered our questions, and spray painting the stencil as a graffiti on their school wall helped the children really indulge in the session and take away knowledge from itQuality education, Gender Equality, Reduced inequalitiesL1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6,L7In schoolFalguni Jariwala Ma’am
Frisbeee tournaments and daily particeThis activity is something that took care of my physical health and was enjoyable as well. Having a group of people to play frisbee was fun since it helped me develop my social communication skills in an easier wayActivityShort term5/31/2019 – 3/29/2020Frisbee, a sport that is not really talked about a lot, is one of my favourite activities. It is a long term activity. I did it to explore a new niche in sports and ended up liking it a lotGood Health and Well-being, Gender Equality, Reducing Inequality, Partnerships to achieve the GoalL1, L2, L4, L5In and Outside SchoolJetal Ejardar

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