CAS Profile – Shreedhi Ejardar

My name is Shreedhi Ejardar, currently 17 years old, in 12th grade. Having joined the IBDP program in 2019, I have found myself grow a lot as a person, due to the opportunities that CAS and other IBDP components have brought to me.

I have a keen focus on filmmaking and arts and fortunately was given the privilege to study film as a subject in my IBDP course and I look forward to working on the same as a career option in the future. Apart from film making, I also enjoy psychology as a subject and often find myself fascinated and interested while learning more about it.

I like to play the ukelele often, it is an activity I picked up during the lockdown and have found myself grow strength and interest in it. I am very fond of traveling and like to explore different places and to learn about its heritage. I also like to play frisbee with my friends, since it helps me enjoy and spend time with people and also helps me take care of my health. I like to workout often during the week and strive to keep making new goals for myself to reach by the end of each month. I also find myself to have adapted to a healthy eating lifestyle

I often find myself procrastinating on schoolwork, assignments, and generally, jobs that require me to put in more effort than I am willing to. I find it hard to work on tasks I don’t enjoy or am naturally interested in. However, during the course of IBDP, I have seen myself develop an interest in doing IAs and assignments since I had creative liberty and freedom to inculcate topics of my interest in subject-specific assignments.

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