CAS Plan

Activity NameWhat Learning outcomes will be achievedDescribe the activityWhich strand of C,A,S will fit
Annual day of GD GoenkaL1,L2,L5I will be part of the annual day singing group Creativity
Website for cyber clubL5,L7I will be creating a website for the cyber club which will be used for a tuition centerCreativity
Trekking for CAS trip L1,L5I will be the part of a CAS trip which would include trekking to the camps for various activitiesActivity
Rope CoursesL1,L2During my CAS Trip I will be part of the Rope courses for a learning activities Activity
Tree plantationL5,L6During my CAS trip I will take part in tree plantation and learn about their importance for our earthService
Volunteering for Shree Bhagwat DhamL3,L6I will be initiating a volunteering in the Bhagwat Dham foundationService
CS IAL1,L4,L6I wanted to learn a new skill for my CS IAActivity
GymnasiumL1,L2I want to learn new sports and hence I will be taking gymnasiumActivity
Movie for borders dinnerL1,L2,L3I will be part of a movie making group.Creativity
Escort GroupL2,L5I will be part of parent meeting escort groupActivity

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